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Stacey and Adam

Tin Roof is a husband and wife country/rock music duo based out of the beautiful Niagara region, featuring Stacey and Adam Gagliardi. Their crisp harmonies, wide song selection and stripped down approach to music make them perfect for any occasion.

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Upcoming Dates

October 2023

1st: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

2nd: Spyce Lounge (Full Band) 8-12am

6th: Spyce Lounge (Full Band) 9-1am

7th: Private Event

8th: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

11th: Spyce Lounge (Full Band) 9-1am

12th: Crescent Park Lodge 2pm

13th: Cats Caboose (Full Band) 9-1am

15th: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

16th: Spyce Lounge (Full Band) 8-12am

19th: Spyce Lounge 4:30-7:30pm

20th: Mick & Angelos 7-11pm

22nd: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

25th: Spyce Lounge (Full Band) 8-12am

26th: Private Event

27-30th: The Couples Resort

 November 2023

2nd: Luckys Niagara 8-12am

3rd: Spyce Lounge (Full Band) 9pm-1am

4th: The Feathery Pub 8-11pm

16th: Crescent Park Lodge 6:30pm

17th: Doc Magilligan's (Full Band) 9-1am

18th: Handmade Market NF 10-2pm

19th: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

24th: CLB Burlington 1:30pm

25th: AG Inspired Cuisine 7-10pm

26th: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm


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