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Stacey and Adam

Tin Roof is a captivating country/rock music duo hailing from the vibrant Niagara region. Infused with a distinct "Nashville" essence, their sound resonates with crisp harmonies and an elegantly minimalist musical style. 

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Tin Roof is now also available as a full 5 piece Band! bringing a electrifying energy to live performances, The full band will transform any event into an unforgettable experience.  

Upcoming Dates

May 2024

4th: Utopia Lounge 8-11pm

5th: The Olde Angel Inn 2-5pm

9th: Luckys 8pm-12am

10th: Mick & Angelos 7-11pm

11th: Utopia Lounge 8-11pm

12th: Crescent Park Lodge 2pm

17th: Spyce Lounge 5-8pm

18th: Teddys 8-11pm

23rd: M.T. Bellies 7-10pm

24th:13th Street Winery 5-8pm

25th: Ridge Road Estate 2-5pm

26th: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

31st: Handmade Market at 13th Street Winery 12-3pm

31st: Doc Magiligans 9pm-

1am Full Band

June 2024

2nd: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

6th: M.T. Bellies 7-10pm

7th: Handmade Market at 13th Street Winery 12-3pm

8th: 13th Street Winery 12-4pm

9th: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

14th: Private Event

15th: Spyce Lounge 5-8pm

16th: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

17th: Maple Park Lodge 3:30pm

20th: M.T. Bellies 7-10pm

21st: Private Event

22nd: Private Event

23rd: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

25th: Full Band Port Dalhousie Supper Market


28th: Nolaas 6-9pm

29th: Private Event

30th: Honsberger Estate 1-4pm

July 2024

1st: Hamilton Golf & Country Club 6:30-9:30pm

2nd: Spyce Lounge 4-8pm

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